yeast propagation system

Zhongde Company has been working on the yeast propagation all the time. We adopted pure sterile culture technology to research and manufacture the equipment. Ensured there is no dead angle in the equipment, easy to clean.

The control system adopted imported industrial computer, automatic to control the whole propagation process. It is easy to set the parameters manually or automatically. And display the entire process of produce, the capacity of the wort and O2, the temperature of each tank, pressure, the situation of each tank, and also can realized continuous / automated produce. At the same time, this equipment alsohas a comprehensive CIP, air and steam filtration system.

This equipment is greatly shorten the propagation period, ensure the highly activity of the yeast, effectively preserve the yeast strain. At present, we have supply the whole line for Shandong Qing Yuan brewery Co, .Ltd, Jinan Baimai spring brewery Co, .Ltd, Hebei ,Jiuzhou brewery Co, .Ltd, and so on.



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Brand Name: CGET

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